Aberbitas: Lost / Last s/sided CS (Quagga Curious Sounds QCS_074) edition of 7
Vomir / Acerbitas: Split Recycled C90 (Quagga Curious Sounds QCS_064) edition of 25

Acerbitas / Placenta Lyposuction: Split C40  (Nahàsh Atrym Productions)
Acerbitas: Crocodile Shears C20 (H series)
Acerbitas / Chantal - Pear Of Anguish / Knee Splitter 3"CDr (Muzikaal Kabaal 3"GP-001 / Muka-044) edition of 20
Acerbitas / The Phosphenes: Split C90 (Blue Spectrum Tapes) edition of 5, special edition of 1 with painting.
Acerbitas: Cold Water Ordeal 3"CDr (Not on Label) edition of 10 

Acerbitas: Arduous Wall 3"CDr (Muzikaal Kabaal Muka-019) edition of 16
Acerbitas: Absolutism CDr (Not on Label) edition of 17 
Acerbitas & Light Collapse: Massively Convince CDr (Torga Amun 049) edition of 32
Acerbitas / Light Collapse: Split CDr (Victimology Rec. 016) edition of 30
Acerbitas: Thumbscrew 3'5" floppy disk (Ear Ear Records) edition of 20
Acerbitas: The Wronged Mason s/sided C90 (Underground Pollution Records) edition of 30 

Acerbitas: Demonstration of Nothing s/sided C90 (Smell the Stench)